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Virus cabir

Cabir is the name of a computer worm developed in that is designed to infect mobile The worm was not sent out into the wild, but sent directly to anti- virus firms, who believe Cabir in its current state is harmless. However, it does prove. 10 interesting facts about Cabir, a decade-old smartphone virus. It was named Cabir and it opened a whole new world to malware analysts, virus writers and ordinary users. Cabir was spreading among the most popular smartphones of ― Symbian-based Nokia devices. If the phone is infected by Cabir, the message proof "Caribe" is displayed on phone. This virus was very popular at it's time, and is commonly used on most.

Bluetooth-Worm:SymbOS/Cabir identifies a large family of Bluetooth-worms that runs on Symbian mobile phones that support the Series 60 platform. The first real mobile malware, Cabir, was released in phone would push the virus out to any nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices. –. Panda Security. All details about Cabir. Download Panda Security Free Antivirus and Security Resources.

Mobile phones infected with the Cabir virus have turned up in Japan and France, according to antivirus software company F-Secure of Helsinki. A version of the Cabir virus has turned up in two Nokia s on display in a California cell phone store, in what is believed to be the first.