Sp54 codec download

Sp54 codec

This is a form of MJPEG with some missing headers. More information: http://www itern.info Where can I download: ''SP54 Codec''???? reply. PM Ed. You can manually reconstruct the steps it took me to extract it. SP (any of these work) itern.info cfm?product= (Under Codec Update for DC) (SP

This 'obscure' codec helps you to itern.info files generated by few popular digital The FOURCCs used by this codec seems to be SP44, SP This codec is especially helpful if you use the Mustek's GSmart pocket digital camera or other hardware such as Aiptek's Pocketcam digital still. The file generated is itern.info file, using a codec/decompressor indentifying itself as SP The codec will usually be installed by default when you install the.

Someone sent my friend a file they recorded off a logitech webcam. They are unable to open the file because it requires the sp54 codec in. The codec needed to play the video came in the. I know the name of the codec, but I can't seem to find it online.. the fourcc code for it is SP Says it needs codec, but which one and where? Can anyone assist. software or updates) Sunplus bit Compressor (or SP54 codec) When the ClickSmart® is in standalone (non-tethered) mode, video is recorded using the "SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Video (SP54) codec".