X-men vs street fighter mugen download

X-men vs street fighter mugen

Remake collection of XvSF. Click in the author name to download. SELECT YOUR ALTER AGO! itern.info MVC2 gameplay Customized for mugen game: Capcom Battle Coliseum 2 ( . AKA Ryulee Based on X-Men vs Street Fighter and SFA ( MB), 10th May. I converted Spidey's stage from Marvel vs Capcom 1 to MUGEN , including zoom. ( KB), 5th MvC Cataract (JedahUK): From X-Men Vs Street Fighter.

Hello friends, I have some days looking for this screenpack, but I do not know the name of the author, and the download link is down. X-Men vs. Street Fighter is a game released by Capcom in and is the first game in the Marvel Versus Series of fighting games. It features. You know the guy who made those OP Dragon Ball Z characters and those Sonic characters? Ummmm yeah, he made some XvSF/MSHvSF characters.