Idoc structure download

Idoc structure

IDOC stands for Intermediate Document When we execute an outbound ALE or EDI Process, an IDOC is created. T-code used are WE Challenge. Quite often it's requested to enhance given IDOC structures, e.g. the vendor master data IDOC of message type CREMAS. The SAP. General Structure. IDocs contain administration information for technical processing, as well as the actual application data, which is stored in segments.

hi allI want to see the complete structure of three standard IDOCS1. G/L Account Master Record - GLMAST 2. Vendor Master - CREMAS 3. Cost Center Master. Here is the details about SAP IDOCs IDOC consists of three record types: the control record, the data record, and the status record. See the details. Each IDoc contains a control record, many data records, and some status records . Each IDoc consists of, and its sequence and structure are dictated by, the.

Customer enhancements are generally subject to naming conventions. IDoc data segments are a maximum of bytes in length and generally only contain. Here's a program/tool to download an idoc structure and its data in MS-Excel tool reads an existing Idoc and dispays the contents in a * * spreadsheet format. The following are some of the elements seen in this screenshot: The first row in the IDoc is called the control record. It starts with the EDI_DC40 segment, and it.